Friday, March 20, 2015

My Homeland

17, March, 2015.            MY HOMELAND

am from Myanmar, originated Northern Shan State Kyaukme township. Firstly, I would like to tell about my homeland in Shan State, MYANMAR. The City where I live is a small city but the weather is very good and comfortable to live in every time. 

There are three seasons in Shan State for example rain season, cold season, and the hot season but every season is very comfortable to live But in spite of is situated in the union of Burma,
the weather is still different from Burma for example in cold season, the weather is not so cold but in hot season, the weather is very hot like in Thailand. Most of the foreigner usually comes to visit in december to march because the weather is very comfortable to visit.And our Shan peoples are very honest for example when they see the forigners visit their hometown or villages they usually invite the forigners to enjoy the meal with them and treat the food as much as possible

My home land is far from Yangon, the capital city of Myanmar about five hundred miles. My home land is very different from Burma state because there are no mountains and most of time is very hot. But in Shan State, there are a lot of high mountains. Everyone can go and visit there when you have free time. You will be feeling happy and get pleasure and you will see how much is good and comfortable to live in Shan State. If possible, I would like to invite all of my friends who attending in this University to visit with me after the class is over so we will have plenty of time to visit there.
Tent in the farm

Tent in the farm

This is the tent pictures in the forest where we can take a rest when we go to work and plough the land in the rain season and some of the farmers who live far from their farms  sleep there untill they finish it. some of farmers doen't use the engines they just only use the buffalos to plough there land. And I used to help my mother to work in the farm since in 1994 when I was young but now I never did it anymore because I 'm a monk. When we go to work in the farm we call our neighbor to help us in the farm and after we finished our farm, we go to help our neighbors. In this picture you can see the peoples are walking toward the tent and at the distance from the farm, you will see the mountain. this is the view in Shan State.  

This is the small house in the village and I used to live like this when I was young.

And Shan peoples like to eat the food which is grows according to its natural. For example the food which is grow in the cold season,   in rain  season and in the hot season so those of the food I explain here is very delicious than the food I used to eat in Thailand. But in Thailand, when I eat vegetable is not delicious because here they use the soil and sometimes it’s can cause us dangerous. Openly to say, I like to live in my home land but on the other hand, the education system is very bad.

So I had departed my State being the lack of education and poor of knowledge. So most of the students wham’s parents can support them continue to learn education in the big city such as Yongon, Mandalay and Lashoe because there is no University in my home town and there is no electricity in the villages most of the Shan people have to use the candles at night and some of the people who are quite rich bought the engines and use it at night. But to my surprise, our Shan people like to visit the relatives and their neighbors after they finished them meals in the evening that is our Shan customs and traditions.      

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